Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Hoot August 23, 24, 25!

Ensconced in our new apartment in DUMBO, between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridges and overlooking the East River. Have some huge news to report on the personal front: Rubina and I are engaged and she's expecting a baby in late December. We're very excited, to say the least. 

I'm told this will change my life and I don't don't doubt it, but I do hope to continue making records and playing shows. In fact, I've been working on a new LP lately with Producer/musician Matt Brandau that is sounding groovy. That said, my latest LP BOHEMIA is available on iTunes here, at shows, and  via PayPal here. Baby needs a new pair of shoes! 


The Summer Hoot is upon us. This new summer festival is happening at the Ashokan Center in Olivebridge, NY on August 23, 24, and 25. My friends Mike + Ruthy are the organizers... here's the schedule. I'll be playing two solo sets – Friday at 10pm and Sunday at 2pm. There will be camping, great local food, art activities and nature programs for all ages. Come hang! Buy your advance tickets here. 

The Amazing line-up of performers at the Summer Hoot, in alphabetical order: Kristin Andreassen, Dan Bern, The Big Takeover, Robert Sarazin Blake, Burnell Pines, The Cupcakes, Death Vessel, The Dirt Farmer Band (featuring Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, Amy Helm, Byron Isaacs and Justin Guip), Mikhael Horowitz & Gilles Malkine, The Ivy Vine Players, Natalie Merchant, Chris Merenda, Mike + Ruthy, Elizabeth Mitchell & Dan Zanes, The Murphy Beds, AC Newman, Adrien Reju, Pete Seeger, The Stacks, Richie Stearns & Rosie Newton, Story Laurie and Friends, Happy Traum, Uncle Rock, Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, Lindsey Webster, The Wiyos, and the Zucchini Brothers.


Had a wonderful time in July on my European tour supporting BOHEMIA. Traveling solo with your guitar slung over your shoulder is always an eye-opening and reinvigorating experience. What a treat it was to share the stage with talents like Jim Boggia, Mick Terry, Danny George Wilson, Kathy Ziegler, and Justin Lavash. Met some great people along the way, of course. Many thanks to my hosts AJ and Judith Terlouw, Bill Pixley, and Mary Liles for putting me up. Posted some snaps from the tour over at my FB personal page, if you'd like to have a look.


Let's Active Bassist Faye Hunter (and sweet friend) has passed away. I had just seen her recently at the Winston-Salem NC Centennial Celebration. I will never forget the night she came to see our high school band at 'The Riff' in Winston in the mid-'80s. She was one of our heroes and we were nervous. To be honest, we weren't very good. At the end of the show, she told me that we sounded "like the Bobby Fuller Four." Sweet and encouraging... that's the way she's been every time I've seen her or talked to her since then. A true gentle soul. Rest in peace, Faye. You deserved a lot better. We love you.

Until next time,


Check out the new music video that I made recently for the song "Across The Ocean, Mama," the third track on BOHEMIA. Buy BOHEMIA on iTunes herePurchase a hard copy via PayPal here. Have a listen online here or here

Bohemia is a 9 song puzzle.  Some tunes are newer; some were written during my last couple of summers in Prague, CZ and the EU. They fit together just so.

It's about leaving, and arriving.  You could consider it a love letter (or goodbye note) to my home state of North Carolina.  You could also consider this LP a musical warm-up, setting the stage for new adventures in New York City and beyond.

Bohemia features musical turns from very talented guests Matt Brandau, Phil Cook, and Lizzy Ross. There's a song co-written in Nashville, TN (and on Interstate 40) with Lizzy Ross, and a song co-written drunk on a roof in Prague with Montana singer-songwriter Jessica Kilroy

It's of a piece with my previous three solo albums Trunk Songs, Realign Your Mind, and People You May Know; mostly acoustic. Mostly recorded at my studio in Durham NC with help from friends.



1. Someday, I’ll Have My Due
2. Sayin’ What You Mean
3. Across The Ocean, Mama
4. While You’re Away
5. Jubble On, Jubbly
6. Shelby, I Told You
7. Hush
8. Sweet La Rue
9. Railroad Bill

Someday, I’ll Have My Due – A 6/8 ballad in the old soul style. Guess you could say it's about believing in the future, despite the odds.

Sayin’ What You Mean – Nowhere in the song am I saying what *I* mean.

Across The Ocean, Mama – About saying goodbye, forever. We all have to at some point.

While You’re Away – An older song that Matt Brandau and I recorded at his studio here in NYC one afternoon last summer. Matt played bass, drums and keys on this version and gave it a reggae spin. I'm on guitars and vocals.

Jubble on, Jubbly – A non-sequiturrific number co-written on a roof in Prague one night with Montana Singer-songwriter Jessica Kilroy and others. Alcohol was involved. This version features the fantastic Phil Cook on Slide Dobro.

Shelby, I Told You – A chart-topper written for fictional country star 'Keith Cline' by myself and Lizzy Ross. On our way to Memphis for Folk Alliance International, we spent an evening in Nashville listening to bands play classic country in the honky-tonks of Broadway Avenue. We wrote this tune a few days later in the car on our way back to North Carolina. Lizzy sings harmony on this version.

Hush – A happy confection I whipped up one afternoon in my living room last spring. You can hear my dog Daisy shake her collar at the beginning of the tune.

Sweet La Rue – The song had been sitting on the shelf for a long time... I played it on the ukelele one day and it felt just right.

Railroad Bill – Our take on a traditional number. Phil Cook and I play guitar and sing together on this version.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Greg Humphreys.
Track 4 produced by Matt Brandau and Greg Humphreys, 
engineered by Matt Brandau.

Mastered by Colin Leonard at SING Mastering.

Greg Humphreys:
Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Steel Guitar, Hand Claps,
Bass Guitar, Ukelele.

Matt Brandau: Track 4 Bass Guitar, Drums, Wurlitzer Piano.
Lizzy Ross: Track 6 Harmony Vocals. 
Phil Cook: Track 5 Slide Dobro, Track 9 Vocals and Guitar.
Daisy dog: Track 7 Percussion.

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 written by Greg Humphreys. 
© Phrex Music BMI 2013.

Track 6 written by Lizzy Ross BMI and Greg Humphreys BMI.
Track 5 written by Jessica Kilroy BMI, Greg Humphreys BMI, 
Rinnah Henderson BMI.

Track 9 traditional arrangement by Phil Cook and Greg Humphreys.