Thursday, September 30, 2021

Trio: Shakori, 11th St. Bar, Outer Banks! Remembering Steve 'The Doctor' Hill 💔

Trio - First Wednesdays @ 11th St. Bar this fall

Greg Humphreys Electric Trio rides again this October. We start our fall first Wednesdays residency at 11th St. Bar on October 6 at 9 PM. We'll be back at our fave spot in the East Village on November 3 and December 1 as well... bring your vax card or Excelsior Pass and let's have a time!

NC Dates: Shakori 10/9, Beats & Eats 10/23

We head down to to NC on Saturday, October 9 for a 9:30 set on Carson's Grove Stage for the Fall Shakori Hill Festival of Music and Dance. A great slot, another strong lineup of fellow artists and performers, and a chance to see many missed friends? Yes, I'm looking forward to it. Tickets are here!

We return to NC for an afternoon set at the Beats & Eats music series at the beautiful Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in downtown Wilson, NC on Saturday, October 23.

Looking forward to playing live again with Bassist Matt Brandau and Drummer Keith Robinson. These will be our first performances together since March, 2020. It'll be fun to play shows on the heels of the appearance of our song "Blood From a Stone" in episode1 season 2 of Netflix's hit series, Outer Banks. Our streaming numbers certainly saw a big spike due to the song's inclusion on the awesome official Outer Banks playlist at Spotify and elsewhere. Thanks again to Josh and Jonas Pate for including us!

Solo performances on Shelter Island in October

Although my family is back in NYC and the kids have started school, I'm playing a few more solo looping gigs out east in October as well! Had such a soul-affirming experience this summer playing around the North Fork of Long Island, both solo and with singer/songwriter Julia King and others. I'll be performing solo amidst the pastoral beauty of Shelter Island's White Oak Wine Garden on Sunday October 3, Saturday October 16, and Sunday October 17, all from 3 to 6 PM.

Steve 'The Doctor' Hill

We lost a great one in August. Thank you, Steve Hill, for the spirit you gave to our band. Steve was the beat for The Veldt, Johnny Quest, our band Hobex and more. Doctor, how many stages did you rock? How many audiences did you leave sweating, chanting for more? Relentless groove, memorable fills, always delivering. We had a wild adventure together. The setbacks you overcame through your life - especially the JQ van wreck - were massive. Andy and I would say that you had nine lives… somehow I thought you might make it. We love you and we appreciate you, Doctor.
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Spanish Steps 

*Thank you* for streaming and enjoying my early 2021 solo LP release, Spanish Steps. Find the LP at your favorite music service here!