Friday, January 29, 2021

FB Live Sat 1/30, new album, recent online performances

New year, new president, new vaccines. "May you live in interesting times," indeed. Our little family is still sequestering in our apartment in the East Village in NYC. We're masked up, social distancing and living day-to-day. I'm making music when I can! Jim just turned seven. Maia is starting to talk.

Upcoming new LP — Spanish Steps

Finishing up a new solo album called Spanish Steps, a collection of tunes I've written over the past few years. You might recognize some tunes from clips I've posted on my social media pages—I've been using my looping rig, drum machines, and synth sounds (in addition to my usual guitar and vocal work) to create some personal recordings that land somewhere outside of my usual rock n' roll / funk n' soul band context. Call it my version of Electro-Soul. I'm looking forward to getting these tunes out of my head and into your ears. I've also got another, newer batch of tunes coming up behind these — I'm clearing the deck for something new. More on Spanish Steps soon! 

GH LIVE Ep. 7 — Saturday, January 30, 8 PM EST

I'll be doing a Facebook Live solo performance (Live Ep. 7) this Saturday, January 30 at 8 PM EST. I've been finetuning my looping rig and webcasting setup for these live performances. It's been an ongoing technological adventure. Feel like I've got it looking and sounding good enough to give it another go.

I'll be doing some newer tunes on the looping rig and then I'll take some requests on acoustic. Please tune in at my Facebook personal page here. It's a free performance, but gratuities are much appreciated ( PayPal: and Venmo: @Greg-Humphreys .) The show will be archived at the link above if you can't catch it on Saturday night. Your support through this last year via these online performances has been incredibly generous and very helpful to our family. Thank you.

Recent online performances

I honestly haven't done that many online performances myself since my last newsletter, but I have done a few. I guested last week on a great NYC webcast / podcast called We Don't Even Know - that was fun! Thank you to hosts Shonali Bowmik and Christian Felix. There have also been some great archival performances shared on social media recently. Here are a few highlights for you to check out:

We Don't Even Know webcast / podcast - FB / YT
interview and live performance of "Take a Trip" (53 minute mark)

"Windows" — FB 
with The Blue Dogs and Jerry Douglas at Charleston Music Hall, Dec 2019

20th annual Post Turkey Day Jam with Jon Shain & Fj Ventre, Rissi Palmer and Joe Newberry. (short acoustic set)

Pop-up by the Fire — FB
Second acoustic concert from the home of Mikey and Melanie, Hankins NY

"Christmas" — FB 
Dillon Fence at Lincoln Theatre Dec 2019 (solo encore perfomance)

GH Live Ep. 6 — FB  

Greg Humphreys Electric Trio — YT
Be Loud '19 set, live at Cat's Cradle Chapel Hill NC

If you missed them, here are more archived online performances from 2020:

Greg Humphreys Electric Trio – #remoterecordings series
GHET Ep. 1 – You're The One For Me — FB IG
GHET Ep. 2 – We're One — FB IG
GHET Ep. 3 – It's Going Down — FB IG

Greg Humphreys Live – webcast series
GH Live Ep. 1 — FB
GH Live Ep. 2 — FB
GH Live Ep. 3.1 — FB
GH Live Ep. 3.2 — FB
GH Live Ep. 4.1 — FB YT
GH Live Ep. 4.2 — FB YT
GH Live Ep. 5 — FB YT IG
GH Live Pop-up on the Porch — FB


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