Thursday, August 13, 2020

Fall Live Dates Canceled, Live Webcasts Happening

Hi there. It's been a while. Muddling our way through 2020 as best we can. Reacclimating to the city this week after some much-needed time upstate with my family this summer.

Our fall Greg Humphreys Electric Trio dates, rescheduled from the spring, have now been canceled. The folks at my booking agency, Mongrel Music, tell me that live music events as we knew them are not likely to come back until summer 2021, if then. If you’d like to do something to help our corner of the music industry survive this pandemic, please visit NITO Live and click TAKE ACTION to send a message to your representatives supporting the #RESTART act and the #saveourstages act.

Until then, please enjoy these social media offerings (FB, YouTube, Insta) I’ve shared over the past few months.

Greg Humphreys Electric Trio – #remoterecordings series

GHET (myself, Matt Brandau, Keith Robinson) have posted a series of online collaborations we call #remoterecordings, and we might do more. Really interesting process making these, where the individual bandmembers record and video their own parts live and Keith edits and mixes it all together.

Episode 1 – You're The One For Me FB IG
Episode 2 – We're One  FB IG
Episode 3 – It's Going Down FB IG

Greg Humphreys Live – webcast series

I've been experimenting with webcasting solo live performances as well. It's been an ongoing technological challenge and a real learning experience; you get used to something unexpected happening. I wear a lot of hats trying to make these solo webcasts look and sound good, and it kept me engaged and playing during my family's three months of quarantine in our NY apartment.

Used my mad-scientist looping rig to build full tracks live on the first five episodes; tried some new tunes on Ep. 1 and visited many Dillon Fence, Hobex, and GHET tunes on subsequent episodes. Did my best to keep the setlists eclectic and interesting – I tried not to repeat a lot of songs, but I did try to play all requests and favorites at least once. If you’re interested in hearing any songs on future performances, let me know - your requests help make the next setlist!

"Pop-up on The Porch" was the most recent live webcast – a surprise solo acoustic performance in July from a house in the Catskills owned by my friends Mikey and Melanie, who had invited me to perform. Less preparation, more fave covers and audience requests on this one.

Hope to go live again soon. *Thank you* to everyone who has been supporting these live webcasts. Your contributions have been a balm to our family through this time.

GH Live Ep. 1 FB
GH Live Ep. 2 FB
GH Live Ep. 3.1 FB
GH Live Ep. 3.2 FB
GH Live Ep.4.1 FB YT
GH Live Ep.4.2 FB YT
GH Live Ep. 5 FB YT IG
GH Live Pop-up on the Porch FB

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