Friday, April 10, 2020

Quarantined: #remoterecords Ep. 1!

Greetings from New York City. Challenging times here, dealing with shocking losses and seismic changes. Trying to stay positive, although sometimes it’s difficult. In the midst of this surreal uncertainty, we try to make good music and art that we can share.

In that spirit, we’re introducing a new series from Greg Humphreys Electric Trio, #remoterecords. Matt Brandau, Keith Robinson and I collaborate on remote recordings—We each record and video our own live performances at our home studios. Keith mixes the recording and edits the video. Our first installment is “You’re The One For Me.” We'll be sharing on FB and IG... check it out above.

Look for our second episode soon. Like so many musicians, we’re doing what we can to make the best of the situation. If you’d like to tip the band, you can do so below - please mention Electric Trio. Thank you for listening and sharing. #remoterecords
Venmo: @Greg-Humphreys

NYC-area dates are postponed indefinitely. Our May NC dates have been rescheduled for October:
OCT 8 THU Flat Iron Greensboro, NC
OCT 9 FRI Pisgah Brewing Company Black Mountain, NC
OCT 10 SAT Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance Pittsboro, NC

more soon,

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