Thursday, November 15, 2018

NYC Haymaker LP release show tonight 11/15!

HAYMAKER is out on Spotify and other outlets now!

Listen to the new LP on Spotify here, or check it out on your service of choice: Apple Music / Amazon Music / Bandcamp
Deezer / Google Play / Tidal. We also have Haymaker CDs and T-shirts available at our store.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our record release parties in October. It was a true pleasure to play the new music for you. We have our official NYC release party tonight (Thursday 11/15) at one of our fave spots, 11th Street Bar – we hit at 9 PM. The Swedes open the show at 8 PM. We'll have the new CD and T-shirts at the show... if you can't make it, please stream the new album! We're also hitting this Saturday 11/17 at Brooklyn Bowl, supporting Tea Leaf Green, with our good bud Jason Ewald filling in for Keith on the kit. 


A tale of three cats. It was easy. It wasn’t easy. It started in a rental apartment in the East Village. Keith helped me get drum sounds in my new space. Over the course of a year, Matt, Keith and I arranged and demoed a big batch of new tunes there. Although we did end up with some keepers – our single “Coming To Get You” is from these sessions – we agreed that my introspective, all-over-the-place solo writing process was not producing the funk n’ soul hard-hitters that work best for us in a live setting.

Upon the new year, we decided to write some songs together and dig deep into that funk n’ soul vein. Keith laid down some drum ideas inspired by some of his favorite records. Matt laid down some changes over Keith’s grooves, inspired by the best funk and soul bass lines. With these changes and grooves to build on, I laid down some guitar and worked on melodies and lyric ideas. We arranged these new songs together and began to play ‘em out live on our spring dates.

In early summer, I took some basic tracks that our friend Ed Griffin had recorded at our spring Shakori Festival set and made a pass at using them as basic tracks for a new record. Matt and Keith both felt we could do better. Over the summer, Keith recorded the drums himself at his studio. Matt recorded his bass guitar tracks on his own time, perfecting his lines and trying out various bass guitars to fit each song. I followed up with guitars and vocals. We traded mixes, ideas, and notes. Using this methodology, we also re-recorded some keepers from the previous year's sessions. 

Keith and I both took a stab at mixing the record; Matt and Jason blind-picked the best mixes. We mastered the final album with Oscar Zambrano at Zampol Productions . The end result is the best-sounding recording our trio has made thus far, showcasing our skills both on our instruments and behind the board. We pushed each other and made an album that none of us could have made alone. We titled the album “Haymaker” – this is our knockout punch. If we swing and miss, at least we put our all into it. THANK YOU for listening! 

Haymaker's  first single, "Coming to Get You," has received over 30,000 streams on Spotify. Listen here, add to your Spotify playlist and please follow GHET at our Spotify artist page. Streaming, playlisting, and following helps us reach more people via Spotify’s algorithm.