Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Dillon Fence in Raleigh 4/28, March GH / GHET gigs, 10 Years in NYC


Just added: Dillon Fence is playing Lincoln Theatre on Friday, April 28 as part of 95.7 FM That Station’s "Live at the Lincoln" concert series. Our bud Mike Westbrook will be recording the show for a live release. Please join Kent Alphin, Chris Goode, Scott Carle and I, and help us make it a good one! Advance tickets are available here. Get ‘em early! Our last show at the Lincoln sold out.

GH⚡️ET continues our first-Wednesday-of-the-month residency at 11th Street Bar in the East Village through 2023!  Keith Robinson, Brett Bass and I play at 9 PM for the next installment on Wednesday, March 1st. Our bud Jamie Block opens the show at 8 PM... join us for what has been a happening get-together as of late. 

Heading back to the North Fork of Long Island to play at Greenport Harbor Brewing Company in Peconic on Saturday, March 25 from 3 to 6 PM. I'll be joined by Nick Sferlazza and Jake Schott on the rhythm section. 

I've been working on some new home recordings, hope to share them with you soon. I'd also like to share an essay that I posted recently on my socials to mark my 10-year anniversary of living in NYC. Hope you enjoy. 

10 Years In New York

Ten years ago this month I made the drive from Durham, NC to NYC, my station wagon packed to the brim. That night, I moved into Rubina’s Bank Street apartment during a snowstorm – the start of an adventure.

Ruby says that anything anyone says about New York is probably true on some level, and I agree. The city is all things. The best city in the world, the worst place you can imagine.

Above all, the city is dynamic. Living here through the pandemic showed me just how much. New York forces you to face harsh realities and at the same time encourages you to create your own reality. 

Ultimately, NYC has given me a beautiful family—a wife, two children, and a home—something I missed while hurtling through life in a smoke-filled Ford Econoline over the first 25 years of my adult life.

Performing has taken a back seat to family. I still love writing songs, but I do so less often. When I do, they seem to be keepers… songs I need to write. I still play gigs, some are memorable, but these days I’m just as likely to be asleep by 11 and up by 6 AM, cooking eggs-in-a-nest for my kids.

My days of driving hours to play break-even gigs are over, I’m afraid. I’m just glad I have enough sweat equity built up in the Carolinas that music brings me down south to play and visit with friends.

And yet—surrounded by friends old and new at our recent 11th Street Bar trio show in the East Village—I was reminded that as a performer, I‘m still chasing those moments when it all feels right and you know you’re doing what you were meant to do. I still have those moments and so I still believe.

And the talent here… whew. It really forces you to up your game. I have enjoyed this community of professionals who are absolutely in it to PLAY, musicians who can do it all and make it look easy. Being able to do THAT is anything but easy. It takes years of focus and dedication.

Ultimately I don’t know how long our New York adventure will be. As with many who have chosen to live here, we’re taking it day by day, doing our best to make it work unless it doesn’t anymore. But I know I am a New Yorker because I know it’s changed me, challenged me. Beaten me down and lifted me up.

More soon,

Spanish Steps 

*Thank you* for streaming and enjoying my 2021 solo LP release, Spanish Steps. Find the LP at your favorite music service here!