Monday, December 4, 2023

GHET announcement, 11th St Bar 12/6, HOBEX Gboro 12/21, 22

Hi, folks. Have a bittersweet announcement this go-round: Greg Humphreys Electric Trio is disbanding as an ongoing pursuit. Our Wednesday, December 6 show at 11th Street Bar will be the last show billed as GHET for the foreseeable future.

The group has been in a holding pattern for the last couple of years, post-pandemic; my old friend and longtime trio bassist Matt Brandau is now a newly-married French citizen, living in Paris, working on new projects. Drummer Keith Robinson, already a busy man, has been getting busier with his hard rock/heavy metal band, Tanith. Our bass man for the last year or so, Brett Bass, is also a very busy musician. As a result, I’ve been playing more often with other rhythm sections and combos.

We’ve discussed, and it’s time to make it official so that we can all focus on what’s next. I’ll continue to perform my music under my own name, but I'll exert more flexibility with the lineup of musicians taking part. The alternate moniker as of late has been Greg Humphreys & Friends. I look forward to more work with the wealth of players in the NY area as well as with my longtime musical collaborators.

Also look forward to reuniting with Matt and Keith again on stage at some point. I’m proud of the work we put into GHET and the catalog of music we built together. I truly appreciate the talent, hard work and experience they brought to the music. It’s been a challenge to try to grow a band in an ever-changing world while at the same time growing a family. Those 10 hour van rides between NYC and the Carolinas weren’t always easy, but we made it fun with laughs and good music.

The trio has had a great run over these last 9 years. Thank you to all of you who have been buying or streaming our music and coming out to our shows. Onward! The good news is we all continue to play. For my part, I will continue my First Wednesdays residency here in NYC at 11th Street Bar with a slightly different approach. I'll perform as Greg Humphreys & Friends and hopefully bringing a twist to every monthly installment, starting on February 7th.

So… please come out this Wednesday, December 6 at 9 PM, 11th Street Bar in the East Village, if you’re a GHET fan. Brett will be on the bass, Keith will be on the drums, and our good friend Rob Bailey will be opening the show at 8 PM with special guests.

More gigs this month: I’ll be back at Greenport Harbor Brewing Company in Peconic on Sunday, December 17 from 3-6 PM with Nick Sferlazza on the bass guitar and Jake Schott on the drums. I’m enjoying what these young fellas are doing with the material.


I was planning to invite you to our two-night, Hobex / Finns run at the Flat Iron in Greensboro, NC on December 21 and 22 in this edition of the mailer, but both nights have already SOLD OUT! I'll be joined by Andy Ware on bass, Eddie Walker on drums, and Dave McCracken on organ. 2 full sets both nights from Hobex and Greensboro supergroup The Finns, with some special jams planned between groups. Can’t wait to see our Hobex fans and celebrate.

Look for that Dillon Fence live release and a new solo release in the new year. Here's a recent 11 Questions interview I did for WUDR's Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative show about my latest single, Take a Trip (Catch a Plane), recent work, my process, and more.

My family and I will be in NC this holiday season with my mom, who moved back to my hometown Winston-Salem, NC this year. Have a wonderful holiday, folks. Let’s all pray for peace in the new year as well.